Tuesday, July 5, 2011

multi coloured kuih~

multi coloured kuih~
300g sago flour.
300g tapioca flour.
50g rice flour.
400ml water.
400ml concentrated coconut milk.
ingredient B:
350g sugar.
800ml water.
1/2 tsp salt.
 4 blades pandan leaves(knotted).
ingredient C:
a little bit of the following colouring:red,yellow,green,orange and brown. method:
1.combine ingredient A,strain and keep aside.
2.boil ingredient B.Pour hot solution into 1...
3.divide batter into 5 parts and colour each part differently.
4.pour in one coloured portion of batter to steam in a 9 inches square cake pan.steam each layer for 4~5 mins. steam last layer for 25~30 mins....
tips:if you like a firm kuih, deduct 50~100ml of water from A.slicing with a plastic knife...
enjoy your cooking n love u~❤

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